5 Steps to Upgrade Your Church's Social Media Presence

✅  Wishing your social media presence could be improved but unsure where to start?

✅  Uncertain on how to disciple people and build an effective ministry through social media?

✅  Has COVID-19 provoked a reliance on your digital presence but left you unsure about what to do next?

In this FREE webinar the Digital Church Toolkit team breakdown the steps you can take to upgrade your church's social media presence, with strategies, tips and ideas you can implement straight away.

Join 1000's of others in transforming their Church's social media from marketing into ministry.

Don't miss this opportunity

We hope you find this pre-recorded webinar useful. We are on a mission to help churches, just like yours, adapt to and thrive in the Digital age. Over 400 churches have used this webinar to upgrade their social media presence.

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