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Need training to helps you and your church adapt to and thrive in the digital age?

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The digital age has changed the world and brings with it unprecedented opportunity.

However, the Church in the UK is often behind the curve, lacking the knowledge & skills needed to leverage the potential of digital platforms.

📱 Do you feel like you're the only person who is passionate about social media and digital?

🛠 Are you passionate and enthusiastic but lack the skills you need to implement your ideas?

🚀 Do you want to take your Church or Ministries' digital presence to the next level?

Introducing the Digital Church Toolkit Academy

Online training for church leaders, staff members and volunteers to equip you to use digital tools and platforms to preach the Gospel, build His Church and expand the Kingdom with relevant methods to 2023 and beyond.

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Be encouraged and supported by an active community of like minded-believers passionate about church digital comms.

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Learn the skills and insights you need to improve with weekly live training  and an ever-growing library of on-demand eCourses from the Digital Church Toolkit team and friends.

Don't Break The Bank

We have developed the Academy with your Church in mind. For less than a weekly coffee, you are able to access industry-leading experts and training.

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Don't just take our word for it...

Since starting in 2018, we've spent thousands of hours supporting UK churches of all shapes and sizes. We're a trusted training provider to some of the UK’s largest networks and organisations and have been invited to contribute to some of the UK's leading events and conferences.

How to join The Academy

1. Choose Your Plan

Join The Academy today for as little as £8.25 a month, and access an ever-growing library of on-demand training, a supportive learning community and exclusive resources, Cancel anytime.

2. Learn From Training

Learn from experts the skills you need to transform your church’s digital presence into a fruitful tool for ministry and join a supportive learning community to cheer and guide you along the journey.

3. Advance The Gospel

Put everything you’ve learnt into practice in your church and see the fruit that can come when you preach the Gospel, build His church and expand the Kingdom with relevant methods in 2022 and beyond...

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A note from our Founders

We know that you were called into ministry to serve God and love people. The Digital Church Toolkit Academy is here to help you accomplish that call. 

Over the last few years, the environment has shifted and in the UK over 51m people are active on social media, making 2.5b+ Google searches each day.

We are living in an ever-changing digital landscape and there are unprecedented for people to meet Jesus. We are here to enable you to deliver the timeless message of the Gospel using relevant methods to the digital age.

Our prayer is that the Academy will provide you with the community, training and resources you need to preach the Gospel, build His Church and expand the Kingdom in 2023 and beyond.

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