Unlock and unleash the power of digital in 2022 for your Church’s comms with this five day challenge.

Monday 4th - Friday 8th April 2022

Monday 4th - Friday 8th April









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Unlock and unleash the power of digital in five days (or less) for free


We are in the midst of the biggest communication revolution in 500 years. In 1450 the printed press was invented, the bible was the first thing printed on it and for the first time scripture could be read in people’s native language. When it came to the printing press, the Church was an early adopter.

Now, we’re in the digital revolution, and the Church has been on the backfoot. For 30 years the Church has seen online as a necessary evil, instead of a powerful tool for ministry. We have refused to go where people’s attention is and we wonder why Church attendance is in decline?

The past two years have been a whirlwind. It’s taken a global pandemic, nation lockdowns and restrictions on services for the Church to embrace digital. Even after moving to online Church most Churches are still not utilising digital platforms as a tool for ministry.

Why? Lack of strategy.

In this free 5 day challenge we will help you unlock, and unleash, the power of digital by walking you through how to develop a digital comms strategy for your Church. We will help you...




Strategy that's underpinned by the unique vision & calling of your Church



Overcome the biggest Church comms mistake every Church makes



Decide which platform you should be pouring your resources into


Establish a routine to manage your Church's digital presence without the stress.



Make your plan happen whilst keeping your team & leaders onboard

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Unlock and unleash the power of digital in 2022 for your Church’s comms with this five day challenge from Digital Church Toolkit.

What Others We've Worked With Say

"We would definitely recommend Digital Church Toolkit to churches who are looking to take forward their vision in the digital sphere, and need some expert input."

Simon & Sarah Larkin, Senior Leaders of Holy Trinity Hastings

"The Church has needed people like Digital Church Toolkit for a long time & churches of all shapes and sizes could benefit from all they bring to the digital sphere."

Mark Crosby, Director of Communications at Vineyard UK & Ireland

"Thanks to the help and expertise of the Digital Church Toolkit team, we now feel equipped as a church, across various ministries, to connect with today’s generation."

Luke Morgan, Senior Pastor of Gateway Church Cymru

What does the challenge involve? 

Over five days we will walk you through how to develop a comms strategy for your Church which unlock and unleash the power of digital in 2022.

Everyday will start with a 8am training session, accompanying each session will be a task or challenge. Each afternoon we will give you the opportunity to feedback on how the challenge has gone for you. Plus, the challenge will include guest interviews, giveaways and exclusives offers.

What we're covering day by day...


How to Align Your Digital Comms with Your Church’s Unique Vision, Mission & Values.


The Biggest Comms Mistake Churches make & Identifying Your Target Audience


What Platforms Your Church Should Be On & How You Should Be Using Them


Developing a Regular Rhythm of Posting & Managing Comms Resources 


Execution of Your Strategy Will Determine It’s Success & How To Do This Right!

By the end you will have a Digital Communications Strategy which will enable you and your Church to deliver the timeless message of the Gospel through relevant methods to 2022.

Unlock and unleash the power of digital in 2022 for your Church’s comms with this five days challenge from Digital Church Toolkit

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Who are Digital Church Toolkit?

We exist to help the UK Church adapt to and thrive in the digital age.

We know that you were called into ministry to love God and love people. We’re here to help you accomplish that call.

Over the last few years the environment has shifted and in the UK over 51m people are active on social media and 2.5b+ Google searches in the UK each day.

We are living in an ever-changing digital landscape and there are incredible opportunities for people to meet Jesus. We are here to enable you to deliver the timeless message of the Gospel using relevant methods to this digital age.

Josh Stannard & Peter Murden

Co-Founders of Digital Church Toolkit

Did we mention the cost?

This five day challenge is a based off our £500 strategy workshop for Churches and we are offering it to you for FREE. Unlock and unleash the power of digital in 2022 for your Church's comms in this five day challenge from Digital Church Toolkit.

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