Work With Us
Work With Us

Generous words from some of the incredible people we've worked with...

James Doc | Kingdom Code

Digital Church Toolkit took the time to get to know us, to understand our work, our context, and importantly our community. This enabled them to provide Kingdom Code with clear and actionable insights to help inform and shape our work.

James Doc | Kingdom Code

Jock James | Life Church UK

The team at Digital Church Toolkit are great to work with, flexible and creative. They’ve been a great addition to our team.

Jock James | Life Church UK

JJ Waters | Uprising Europe

Working with Digital Church Toolkit is an absolute joy! Their professionalism and insights into social media and event marketing and management have taken the stress out of publicising Uprising Europe, whilst allowing us to creatively express our Kingdom vision. They have great ideas and deliver excellently!

JJ Waters | Uprising Europe

Simon & Sarah Larkin | Holy Trinity Hastings

Working with Digital Church Toolkit has been hugely helpful as we have re-focussed our digital strategy during the last few months. The coaching and analysis really take into account our local situation and experience and builds on what we are already doing, whilst giving us ideas and direction for future work. We would definitely recommend Digital Church Toolkit to churches who are looking to take forward their vision in the digital sphere and need some expert input.

Simon & Sarah Larkin | Holy Trinity Hastings


The Digital Church Toolkit team (DCT) have been Christ's Covid blessing for the Navigators' Student Ministries in the UK. As the access to students was being limited by lockdowns and Covid cautions, DCT took our Student Ministries online with their comprehensive social media expertise - giving our ministry leaders access to state of the art tools, techniques and training.

As the length and impact of Covid became apparent, Digital Church Toolkit provided a well planned and executed Fresher's marketing campaign. Despite tight deadlines, they calmly walked us through placing social media adverts in front of 118,000 students, recruiting over 500 students to sign up and connect, whilst downloading our guides to student life and mission. All of this despite a surprisingly modest Covid Crisis budget.

The Student Navigators are planning a long term relationship with the Digital Church Toolkit team, as we seek to advance the good news of God's unfailing love and presence in an increasingly insecure and complex world.

Bernard Dishman | NavigatorsUK

Katy Edwards | Stockton Parish Church

The team at Digital Church Toolkits are great! They really took time to get to know us as a church and this was evident in the video’s they produced. Having DCT edit and cut down the service videos we were already producing has meant that we have been able to reach more of our community through social media platforms in a way that is relevant and not too time-consuming.

Katy Edwards | Stockton Parish Church

Jonny Mansfield | Fountains Church Bradford

Digital Church Toolkit been a massive help for my ministry in church comms, and they have also inspired me to invest more in my skills in order to better understand digital, and use it to share the gospel.

Jonny Mansfield | Fountains Church Bradford

St. Mary Magdalene Ashton upon Mersey

Digital Church Toolkit's incredible training that dug below the surface of how churches can use Social Media to further the kingdom in a relevant way.

Emma Atkinson | St. Mary Magdalene Ashton upon Mersey

the Liberty Church London

Digital Church Toolkit have provided catchy and timely content for our events & periodic brochures. They couple excellent customer service with high-quality innovative end product design work. As an organisation, we are looking forward to tapping into their wealth of experience when we revisit our digital strategy.

Ade Adewumi | Liberty Church London

Holy Trinity Leicester

Digital Church Toolkit are a knowledgeable, friendly team of people who are passionate about Jesus, the local Church and how digital communications can help the gospel message reach more people... who wouldn't want to work with these guys?!

Whenever I've spoken with the team at Digital Church Toolkit, I've always found helpful insights and ideas on how I can take my projects further. The combined experience and knowledge between them is so helpful! Not only can the Digital Church Toolkit team help you to understand how to practically outwork your project, but they also see the much bigger picture of why we're doing it in the first place... that's something quite rare to find.

The team at Digital Church Toolkit really love the local church and are on a mission to see her reach more people with the love of Jesus. The fact that their approach is so digital-focussed shows that they really do understand the times we live in and the people we're trying to reach. They are fun, easy to work with, knowledgable and passionate; it's great to know that there's a group of people like this who are on your side and want to champion you and the work your church is doing!

Benj Lyon | Living Rock Church

Luke Morgan | Gateway Church Cymru

Thanks to the Digital Church Toolkit team's help, we now feel equipped as a church to connect with today’s generation.

Luke Morgan | Gateway Church Cymru

Plymouth Christian Centre

The Digital Church Toolkit team are always willing to give advice and time. Church Communications is quite a niche role, so it's been really lovely to connect with a community that are facing the same challenges.

Natalie Fish | Plymouth Christian Centre

Healing Rooms England & Wales

I was impressed by Digital Church Toolkit's tailoring the information to your audience and the succinct, clear way in which you delivered the information... The presentation style was enjoyable and easy to follow. They were able to communicate your enthusiasm well to your audience. We would certainly consider making use of their services again and recommending them any other organisation.

David Mee | Healing Rooms England & Wales

Jeshua Glanzmann | Frequentsee (Ministry of Julian and Katia Adams)

Digital Church Toolkit have been incredibly helpful as our ministry expands into more digital spaces. Our consultations with them have left us far more equipped to produce digital content that engages today's generation and thus expose more people to the message of the Kingdom of God. We are highly satisfied with their level of knowledge, professionalism, and thoughtful approach to ministry marketing.

Jeshua Glanzmann | Frequentsee (Ministry of Julian and Katia Adams)

Holy Trinity Leicester

We had no media strategy beforehand. We tried and failed on many occasions to come up with a format. The coaching was so helpful; to have someone share more information about social media, how it's used, how we as the church can be really effective in using it was amazing.

It was great to have written documents to refer back to but also a chance to ask questions and hear more insight on it. Digital Church Toolkit did a great job of helping us understand things a lot more and how to use social media a lot better. We were struggling to see how a church/organisation social media is used but Digital Church Toolkit unpacked that for us and gave us a clear structure to work from. The content plan for our social media is so helpful, we now have a structure to use each week. This helped us with planning out our weeks in advance but also knowing how to engage people better rather than it being a digital church notice board.

We now have a clear idea of how to tell the story of Holy Trinity Leicester. From the feedback and support Digital Church Toolkit has given us, we feel better equipped to produce quality posts for our social media and have seen a rise in our engagement. We would most definitely recommend Digital Church Toolkit's coaching to other churches looking to improve their digital presence.

Lois Young | Holy Trinity Leicester


I have found the team at Digital Church Toolkit to be incredibly helpful as we navigate the complex and dynamic world of online communication. Their grasp of the technology and their passion for the local church is a beautiful combination that allowed them to guide us into a place where we can effectively represent Jesus in an online world. If you have any questions, queries or concerns about ministry online then I would wholeheartedly recommend you speak to them.

Owen Crane

Stew Smith | CPO; Christian Publishing Outreach

Digital Church Toolkit are a rare breed, they combine creative thinking, intelligence and a willingness to go the extra mile. They have a vast level of creative experience across various sectors, particularly within the digital space. Digital Church Toolkit also happens to be really nice guys, within weeks I would call them friends and I’m proud to associate CPO with their brilliant minds.

Stew Smith | CPO; Christian Publishing Outreach

Matt & Clare Hooper | Kingdom Company

Digital Church Toolkit have been essential to us taking our online church to the next level. We’ve seen our online engagement increase & our community grow as a result of our partnership. Plus they’re great fun to work with & full of practical wisdom. AND they love the local church!

Matt & Clare Hooper | Kingdom Company

Mark Crosby | Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland

Digital Church Toolkit are experts in church communications. The church has needed people like them for a long time and their combination of gifting, application, knowledge, skills and character makes them a joy to work with. Churches of all shapes and sizes could benefit from all they bring to the digital sphere.

Mark Crosby | Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland

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