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Church Social Media Made Simple

The Ultimate Social Media eCourse For Churches
✔ Create a plan for what you post
✔ Impact and disciple your community
✔ Engage the wider community & change lives


We know what you're thinking...

It is hard to keep up with the fast paced nature of social media. It's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. You want a solution which engages your people and attracts those not yet connected to faith.

You may well be asking questions like:

  • Where do I post? 😩
  • How often do I post? 🤨
  • What does this button do? 🤔
  • How do I stand out from the crowd? 🙋‍♀️
  • Can Social Media be ministry? 🙏
  • How do I get others on-board? 🤗
  • Can we reach our wider community better? 😁
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This social media eCourse enables you to create a social media plan, to impact communities and change lives.

Upon purchasing the eCourse, you'll gain access to 20+ training vidoes, downlaodable worksheets and other resources. This has all be designed to help you create a plan for what to post so you can reach more people, disciple your community and ulimately see lives changed.

The eCourse content is build around the phase 'Church Social Media Is Simplier When...' and we have given you 20 things that once implemented will make your Church's social media managable and fruitful in 2022 and beyond.

You can checkout a breakdown of the eCourse content below.

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Church Social Media Made Simple

This innovative video course, providing social media training for churches, will enable you to improve and upgrade all aspects of your church's social media presence. Don't go another day feeling confused and unsure how to best utilise this powerful tool. Get access today to all of the following:


Video Training eCourse
We've condensed our combined 20+yeats of expertise & experience into this 2hours of training that will guide you through, from understanding the basics to advanced learning.

Supporting Worksheets
Take the guesswork out of your approach. These worksheets will form a communication strategy that will bring clarity and organisation to what you post online.

✔ Practical Insights 
Alongside top-level strategy, this course also coaches you through practical elements to level-up your Social Media  such as Branding, Graphic Design and Social Media Management Tools.

✔ Intuitive Platform
Our online eCourse platform makes personal development simple; you can learn at your own speed, pick up from exactly where you left off and revisit any elements as much as you like to ensure full understanding.

✔ Master Digital Evangelism
Equip yourself to reach more people and introduce them to the gospel. Position yourself on the frontline; utilising social media to reach out to and transform your community.

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What our students are saying...

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Church Communications Manager

The social media ecourse was amazing, a lot of the stuff is simple and easy to apply and yet things the church doesn’t often think of. This is one of the most useful and important courses I’ve attended for church and will be applying the things I’ve learnt over the next few months. Would recommend this highly to any church, it is so needed.

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Emma Atkinson

St Mary Magdalene Parish Administrator

Incredible training that dug below the surface of how churches can use Social Media to further the kingdom in a relevant way.

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Note from Digital Church Toolkit...

Social Media has brought about a seismic shift in communications and marketing. It's also created a huge opportunity for Churches to reach people like never before. You no longer need to go out into the community, you can reach people with the amazing message of Jesus right where they're at. Our aim with this social media ecourse is to partner with you; to resource you to make a difference, to disciple and transform lives in your locality.

Social media moves fast.
Don't get left behind.


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