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People In The UK Are 194% More Likely to Attend Church at Christmas

Church Christmas Made Simple
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Christmas should be the most wonderful time of the year and one of the best opportunities we have to spread the Gospel.

But often it's busy, stressful, and not all that peaceful.

This eCourse will help make Christmas simplier by providing you skills and resources you need to create a campaign that reaches your entire community.

You can check out a breakdown of the eCourse content below.

Introducing the Digital Church Toolkit Academy

Online training for church leaders, staff members and volunteers to equip you to use digital tools and platforms to preach the Gospel, build His Church and expand the Kingdom with relevant methods to 2023 and beyond.

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Join A Community

Be encouraged and supported by an active community of like minded-believers passionate about church digital comms.

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Learn From Training

Learn the skills and insights you need to improve with weekly live training and an ever-growing library of on-demand eCourses from the Digital Church Toolkit team and friends.

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Don't Break The Bank

We have developed the Academy with your Church in mind. For less than a weekly coffee, you are able to access industry-leading experts and training.

Join The Academy To Access

Church Christmas Made Simple

Every Church is unique and we have developed our packages and plans with your church in mind, meaning can access the training you need whilst ensuring you don't break the bank.



  • Supportive Learning Community
  • Live Weekly Training
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Community & Courses

  • Supportive Learning Community
  • Live Weekly Training
  • Back Catalog of Webinars & Training Events
  • Unlimited eCourse Access | New Courses Every 6-8 Weeks

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Community, Courses & Coaching

  • Supportive Learning Community
  • Live Weekly Training
  • Back Catalog of Webinars & Training Events
  • Unlimited eCourse Access - New Courses Every 6-8 Weeks
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  • Access To Partner’s Program | Launching Q1 2023
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Note from Digital Church Toolkit

Social Media has brought about a seismic shift in communications and marketing. It's also created a huge opportunity for Churches to reach people like never before (as I'm sure you've seen in 2020 and 2021. You no longer need to go out into the community, you can reach people with the amazing message of Jesus right where they're at. Our aim with this short Christmas eCourse is to partner with you; to resource you to make a difference, to disciple and transform lives in your locality.

Need a helping hand this Christmas?
Don't miss this opportunity to reach your community. 


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